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Frequent Flyer Programs

Most major U.S. airlines are members of global alliances covering worldwide destinations. Each alliance offers reciprocal frequent flyer benefits to earn and redeem miles for free and upgraded flights. Learn more...

Earning Miles

We often dream of traveling to exotic places for vacations. We would like to visit all those amazing places we see in movies. We don't want to spend all our savings to enjoy our lives today. A fun and less expensive way to travel is earning miles and points for free, and upgraded, travel. Learn more...

Booking Free Flights

You have selected your travel destination  and you've been earning frequent flyer miles. It's now time to book that free flight and start your journey. Learn more...

Earning Hotel Points

There are many places to stay during your travel. You may have friends or family at your destination. Many people like to rent vacation homes, or camp in an RV. Hotels  are among the top choices for tourist and business travelers. However, hotel stays can be expensive. Fortunately, earning points for free hotel stays is fun and easy. Learn more...


I've been collecting points and miles for almost 30 years. In this site I share tips to accelerate your earning. And, I offer some ideas to save money while upgrading your travel experience. Learn more...

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I was born in Yorkshire, England. It's a great place to live and full of history. But, due to my career path I ended up living in Silicon Valley for almost 30 years. Learn more...

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I was born in Yorkshire, England. I earned my Bachelor's degree in Statistics and Numerical Analysis from Lancaster University. I spent over 30 years in marketing and technical positions with major technology companies in the UK and Silicon Valley. I am married to my high-school sweetheart. We have raised four outstanding children, and enjoying a growing set of amazing grandchildren. I have traveled throughout the world for business and pleasure. And, as a true Yorkshireman, I prefer not spend my own money to experience upgraded travel experiences.