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You might be wondering where the name for our site came from.¬†Well, that’s a pretty easy one to answer.

My wife and I were born and bred in a part of Northern England called Yorkshire. Many local folk may refer to Yorkshire as “God’s Own County” or “God’s Own Country”. Proving this particular title has been the goal of Yorkshire folk for centuries with food, sports, and entertainment among many cultural battlegrounds. Perhaps you’ll recognize some these famous products of the culinary and entertainment world that originated in Yorkshire:

Yorkshire Pudding
Yorkshire Pudding

Ed Sheeran

Monty Python’s “Four Yorkshiremen”

Anyhow, I could go on all day about all the brightest and best from my home county but this site isn’t about Yorkshire – it’s about sharing our tips and tricks and experiences for traveling in style, eating out, cooking and finances..

We moved to California almost 30 years ago – primarily to get more sunshine, but also to take part in the emerging high technology world of Silicon Valley. We’ve been fortunate to have been around when British computer scientist Tim Berners-Lee introduced the Word Wide Web. Can any of you dear readers remember when there was no web browsers, Google or Facebook – oh, what did we do with all that free time? We now have four adult children and are very proud of each of them in their own accomplishments. Raising kids is a lot of work, especially while you’re working too, but we have made a great effort to enjoy all the “fun stuff” that life has to offer. We especially like to visit new places, swoon to the amazing dishes from celebrity chefs (Gordon Ramsay, Jamie Oliver and others), concerts and movies, home cooking and drinking (if you ask nicely we’ll share our experiences in winemaking too). Over the years, we’ve developed some effective strategies to get to visit and stay in nicer places by taking advantage of the multiple offers that financial and travel companies are making all the time. So, we’ll spend some time introducing you to one of our hobbies – collecting and using point and miles, and what we do with them. We use the term #upgradmylife quite a lot when we are traveling since we are often staying in upgraded rooms for free, or not seated at the back of a plane. In the UK, Yorkshire folk are known to be frugal with their money (see article) and our “working class” backgrounds taught us to be forever grateful about what we have now. But we have come a long journey to get where we are today and we are always planning for more good times on the road ahead.

We hope you enjoy reading about our journey and can take advantage of some of our experiences to “upgrade” your lives too.

Sithee (to find out what this means checkout the BBC’s Yorkshire Glossary)

Yorkshire Traveler

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